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 Swim School 

Enrolment Day for 2014/2015 will be on Saturday October 25th!

If you would like a reminder email about Swim School Enrolment Day send us an email at reception@dicksonaquaticcentre.com.au


  • The learners pool now has its own plant room and separate boiler. This means we will be able to heat the learner’s pool more efficiently and keep it a more constant temperature for swimming lessons.

  • Bronze Star Courses – This summer we will be running Bronze Star courses for kids aged 10 and up. Children who wish to participate in this course must be able to swim 300m continuously. The courses will be offered in our January intensive programs. The aim of the Bronze Star is to develop skills and knowledge of safe water rescue and survival.

The Dickson Aquatic Centre Swim School aims to provide families with programs that cater from water familiarity and basic swim and survival skills to advanced stroke correction in preparation for squad level swimming. Term programs provide once a week lessons which are convenient and a great way to learn and develop their swimming abilities. The January intensive programs aim to develop and reinforce swimming skills through daily lessons and give kids a great way to spend the summer in the water. One of the swim schools main objectives is to ensure all students become water safe through the Royal Life Saving Swim and Survive initiative.

Swim School Enrolment Day for 2014/2015 will be on Saturday October 25th.

We will be taking enrolments for both Term 4 and January Intensives on this day. Make sure you mark it in your diary so you don't miss out!

Dates are as follows:

Term 4 - One 30 minute lesson a week for 7 weeks

Begins on Monday November 3rd

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 3.30 - 6.00pm

Saturday between 8.30am - 12.00pm

$99 per child

January Intensives - One lessons a day for 6 days

Between 8.30am - 12pm

#1 - Dec 29th - Jan 3rd

#2 - Jan 5th - Jan 10th

#3 - Jan 12th - 17th Jan

#4 - Jan 19th - Jan 24th

#5 Jan 27th - Jan 31st

NOTE - #5 is only five days long

#1-4 are $89 per child and #5 is $75 per child

Term 1 - One 30 minute lesson a week for 5/6 weeks

Begins Monday February 2nd

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 3.30 - 6.00pm

Saturday between 8.30am - 12.00pm

NOTE - Monday and Saturday are only 5 weeks long

Mon & Sat are $75 per child and Tues-Thurs are $89 per child


 How to enrol:  

Enrolments must be done in person. 

1. Come into the pool during Swim School hours

2. Swim School staff will assess your child to determine the appropriate level

3. Parents and staff will then look at timeslots available

4. Payment must be made at the time of booking

At the beginning of each season all children need to be assessed.  Throughout the season we will be monitoring children to determine if they need to change levels.

The assessment is usually 5 to 10 minutes in the water.  Depending of the age and experience of the child they will be asked to perform a number of skills.  The Swim School staff member will observe them and determine the best level for them.

We do not take enrolments over the phone.

 Adult Beginner Lessons 

Adult Lessons

Our adult lessons offer those who lack confidence and experience in the water a chance to improve and learn new skills in safe and supportive environment. We also offer lessons for those who are comfortable in the water but would like to improve their skills and become a more efficient swimmer.  To enrol come into the pool during Swim School Open Hours and talk to one of our friendly swim school staff!

Term 4 2013

One 30min lesson/week for 7 weeks

Lessons start on Monday 3rd November

Monday - Thursday at 6:00pm

$105 per person

January Intensives

One 30 minute lesson for 5/6 days at 8:00am

#1 - Dec 29th - Jan 3rd

#2 - Jan 5th - Jan 10th

#3 - Jan 12th - 17th Jan

#4 - Jan 19th - Jan 24th

#5 Jan 27th - Jan 31st

Note: Jan 5 program is only 5 days long due to the Australia Day Public Holiday

January Programs #1 - 4 are $90/person

January Program #5 are $75/person

Term 1 2014

One 30min lesson/week for 5/6 weeks

Lessons start on Monday 2nd February

Monday - Thursday at 6:00pm

Note: Mondays will only run for five weeks due to the Canberra Day Public Holiday

Monday - $75/person

Tuesday - Thursday $90/person

Enrolments will open on Saturday October 25th

 Private Lessons 

This season we will be offering a limited amount of private lessons. These lessons are tailored specifically to your child to provide thirty minutes of one on one instruction to develop and further your child’s swimming ability.


If you wish to enrol for private lessons, you will need to enrol for the entire duration of that program. We will not be offering one-off private lessons.


Prices vary and lessons are organised with the swim school staff. These lessons are subject to availability of instructors and pool space. See swim school staff during opening hours or on enrolment day about organising private lessons.

The prices are as follows;

  • One student to one instructor = $35.00
  • Two students to one instructor = $60.00
  • Three students to one instructor = $75.00


 Swimming Levels 

We follow the Royal Life Saving Socity's Swim and Survive levels. 

The program is focused on survival skills, but it also recognises the importance of learning correct swimming technique to accompany water safety.

The new Swim and Survive levels include more competencies to achieve.  This may mean that while a child may stay in a particular level for longer, it is not because they are not learning, rather there is more to learn.

We are excited to use Swim and Survive because it is a comprehensive and fun program!

For more information regarding Swim and Survive check out  www.swimandsurvive.com.au

 Make-up Lessons 

We are unable to give make-up lessons. 

Due to the fact that:

  • our programs are so short (only 6 weeks or 6 days),
  • most of our classes are full,
  • and make-up lessons are not always beneficial to learning. 

If you can provide a doctors certificate we can give you a single family pass valued at $19.00.

If your child falls ill and has to cancel all/or all remaining lessons, let swim staff know and we can work something out.


  • All our teachers are AUSTSWIM Qualified.  This means that they are trained in the appropriate teaching techniques for water and swimming skills.  They are also caring and motivated people. For further information, see the link below.
  • Small class ratios ensure maximum results. 
  • All the pools are heated.  The Learners' Pool provides many advantages, it is shallow at the ends for toddlers, but deep enough in the middle to accommodate for children learning arm circles. 
  • There are also partial shade covers on the pools.
  • Two types of programs are on offer.  The Term programs enable children to develop their skills over a longer period of time.  The January programs are highly intensive day-after-day lessons, when children can rapidly build on knowledge.
  • We offer lessons for children aged 3 years and up.

All of our teachers abide by the AUSTSWIM Teachers Code of Behaviour.

A copy of this code can be accessed by clicking on the link above.

Please familiarise yourself with our emergency evacuation procedure for the Swim School.

This is accessable by clicking the link above.

Any further questions please do not hestiate to ask Swim School staff.

Dickson Aquatic Centre
152 Cowper St, Dickson, ACT 2602
Phone: 02 6247 2972  Fax: 02 6230 1282
Email: reception@DicksonAquaticCentre.com.au

Splash on in to Dickson Aquatic Centre this summer!

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